27. Jan, 2016

Bath bombs - Lush Store

For Christmas Sam got me some bath bombs. He got me the butterbear one but when I went to go and use it, a long jet black hair came out of it ! I'v always had products from the lush store since I was a young teenager and usually get their bath bombs and fresh face masks. I'v never had a problem with them. So I took to twitter and sent a quick tweet to the lush account. As an apology they sent me 3 bath bombs which was nice. I got the sakura bath bomb, butterball and twlight. They smelt lovely in the box. 

Tonight I decided to try out the sakura one. Sakura means cherry bolossom, a Japanese themed bath bomb. It has scents such as mimosa, jasmine, orange flower blossom and lemon oil. It dissolved pretty quick in my bath and the room had soon filled with all the different scents.

My husband tried out the twilight one tonight so that leaves me with the butterball for another night 🙂❤




Sakura - £3.50

Twilight - £3.50

Butterball - £2.65