20. Jan, 2016

Little Yeos

So it’s been nearly 2 months since we started to wean Florence and decided it was time to try her out on yogurts. I looked into what the best ones are for little ones when weaning and most importantly what ones had less sugar in. I came across these, little yeos. I must admit they aren’t cost effective to what the big pots of yogurts are however these are very handy, convenient and they keep fresh being the separate pots. They are tiny small pots that contain 45g (1oz) of yogurt. At the moment we give Florence 2oz per meal so these are very handy only containing 1oz in each pot. We make her fruit puree at home and I have frozen some off in 1oz cubes.

The night before I get one of the cubes out to defrost in the fridge ready for the following morning, I then add the puree to her yogurt totalling 2ozs. These are quick and easy and you don’t waste the yogurt like you would with a big tub and being in the small separate pots is that you use one at a time, you don’t open the yogurt for it to go bad if not used up quickly.

I got these from Asda, 6 pack that were on offer 2 for £2 but I did however notice that Tesco’s do the same plain yogurts 6 for £1 a pack which works out the same cost as Asda. They also do ones with added fruit. We make our own fruit puree so we just buy the plain ones and add to it but the sugar content in the ones with fruit aren’t to high and are only the natural sugars from the fruit and not added. ❤


Asda - 2 packs for £2 (x6 per pack)

Tescos - £1 for one pack (x6)