31. Dec, 2015

Baby Porridge

We started to wean our little girl about a month and half ago, so far so good. She seems to really enjoy food at the moment and will literally take anything you offer her. So far she have tried Carrot, Parsnip, Apple, Pear, Avacado, Banana, Brocolli, Pea, Butternut squash, Cauliflower, Sweet Potato, baby rice and baby porridge. We have also started to mix things up and giving her combos of different foods.

We bought some baby porridge from Boots. Their organic baby porridge. At the time it seemed really good and Florence seemed to really enjoy it until my husband tried it and said, "this is nice, a little to nice" we checked out the sugar content and the rest of the ingredients. We were shocked to see that most of it was made up of follow on milk (known for having alot of sugar in)  no wonder the porridge really filled her up ! It also have 4g of sugar per 20g of baby porridge and this isn't even as bad as some products you can buy that are around 8g per 20g of porridge. So we decided to make our own from normal porridge oats. My mother in law blized some up for us but this still made Florence choke a little.

Just after Christmas we decided to buy a Nutribullet from some Christmas money we got. When it arrived I took it out of the box to take a look. I then see it came with a Milling blade which is used to blitz up dry ingredients into a fine powder so I thought i'd try it out on some oats, it was brilliant. It grounded the oats down into a fine powder just how it is when you buy the baby porridge from the shops. So this morning I cooked some off with some of Florence's usual milk then added in some Pear puree I had previously made. It was great, it was the consistancy of normal baby porridge with the natural sweetness from the pear and some from her milk but without the crazy amount of sugar added in.